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Thousands of girls receive support for a not-to-be-mentioned problem

According to a study done by Solidarity Helping Hand, menstruation is a heavy burden for more than 10% of girls every month due to a shortage of sanitary products.

Over the past few months, the #HelpHanna Project assisted 3 540 girls by providing them with the necessary sanitary products.

One of the biggest problems facing the project is the girls’ reluctance to seek help. During the study it became clear that more than 50% of the girls are unwilling to discuss their menstrual cycle even with a friend or parent.

Saffas - Helpende hand - Help HannaHelping Hand’s #HelpHanna Project was launched to ensure that these girls receive the same opportunities as their fellow pupils. The project started in August last year and 126 schools form part of the project. Schools had to apply on behalf of girls in need of the products but without the means to buy it. Countrywide 3 540 girls have received Hanna parcels on a monthly basis.

Each parcel is worth about R50 and contains sanitary pads and two other products, which includes body wash, toothpaste or antiperspirant, which is carefully packed for them.  R531 000 is already spent on the project.

Each parcel is worth about R50, and contains sanitary pads and two other products (body wash, toothpaste or antiperspirant), which is carefully packed for them.  An amount of R531 000 has already been spent on the project.

Helping Hand created a character, Hanna, to represent every girl who experiences this problem.   She is a typical school girl, but she has financial difficulties and therefore cannot afford to buy sanitary products.

On Wednesday, 9 March 2016, Helping Hand talked to girls of Pretoria North High School to tell them about the #HelpHanna Project, and also gave them information on general hygiene. The school has 540 girls and each girl received a Hanna parcel. Hanna will also put in an appearance to encourage girls to have the confidence to talk about their menstruation cycle.

For more information please contact Michelle Burger – Project Coordinator at michelleb@helpendehand.co.za