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Teaching Treasure Chest

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This year, Solidarity Helping Hand will assist teachers of indigent schools across the country by implementing a special chest filled with teaching aids. This project, known as Teacher’s Treasure Chest, is aimed at promoting all the foundation phase classes of schools. Thirty of these treasure chests will be delivered soon. 

The shortage of necessary Afrikaans aids is a big problem for many teachers in state schools, and these teachers are often forced to buy these aids out of their own pockets. The Teacher’s Treasure Chest project wants to solve this problem by ensuring that the right teaching aids are available in every classroom in the country. 

The treasure chest contains stationery, beautiful posters in Afrikaans, puzzles, blocks and a skipping rope. There are also a number of teaching guides in the chest. 
The highlight of the treasure chest is the educational aids such as the Skillie Skilpad series, a programme for Afrikaans based on the CAPS curriculum. This series improves a child’s auditive language development through rhymes, songs, stories, questions and sounds. 
The WriteRight-series is also in the treasure chest to help improve the writing skills of learners by means of brightly coloured wooden products. 

With every treasure chest the school also receives membership to the Association of Afrikaans Mathematics Teachers (V.A.W.), Helping Hand’s subject association, as well as membership to the Association for Real Afrikaans Teachers (GeRAT– “die Genootskap vir Regte Afrikaanse Taalonderwysers”). Membership at these associations include free training by Afrikaans and math specialists, as well as worksheets and opportunities to attend various courses. 
“The Teacher’s Treasure Chest is an essential project for teachers,” said Marianda Schlebusch, project organiser at Helping Hand. “So many teachers have indicated that they have to buy teaching aids out of their own pockets. Afrikaans aids are also not provided by the department and is therefore very difficult to obtain.” 

Schools that are interested to obtain this treasure chest can contact their nearest Helping Hand branch to ask about the requirements. Helping Hand’s dream is to get a treasure chest into every Afrikaans school in the country. 

For more information about the project, contact Marianda Schlebusch on 012 644 4390 or send an email to marianda@helpendehand.co.za.

Helping Hand’s newest aid for foundation phase teaching is a true treasure chest Helping Hand’s newest aid for foundation phase teaching is a true treasure chest Helping Hand’s newest aid for foundation phase teaching is a true treasure chest