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Helping Hand together with artists set out to reduce hunger

Solidarity Helping Hand and Coleske Artists took hands in attempt to make a massive difference in indigent children’s lives. This organisation, that has a feeding project at pre-schools since 2009, are going to try and collect 1,5 million meals to provide more than 8 000 pre-schoolers with a plate of food.

Helping Hand will try to increase their feeding project significantly after applications for help streamed in.

According to Margolé Riekert, project organiser at Helping Hand, there are pre-schoolers that go to bed hungry every night. “Their parents simply can’t afford to provide them with food. The #Stophunger project is aimed at ensuring that pre-schoolers receive at least one balanced plate of food per day,” said Riekert.

Currently there are more than 8 000 pre-schoolers that are part of Helping Hand’s feeding project. The project focuses on providing indigent pre-schools with shopping vouchers so that they can buy food. To ensure that these pre-schools receive enough food, Helping Hand must provide 1,5 million meals this year.

This year, Helping Hand and Coleske Artists are working together to establish the #Stophunger project. This project will make the public aware of the urgent need for food among our country’s pre-schoolers.

Popular artists who added their voices to the project are the Italian superstar Patrizio Buanne, and the young Amira Willighagen from Holland. They will try to reduce hunger among children together with other local talents like Touch of Class, the beautiful Tarryn Lamb, Monique Steyn, popular Corlea, Dewald Wasserfall and Jay.

You can get involved and donate a plate of food for these pre-schoolers. SMS the word STOP to 38969 and donate R10 towards a plate of food for a hungry pre-schooler.